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Re: (ITS#3774) olcSuffix and olcRootDN: value #0 invalid per syntax

michael@stroeder.com wrote:
>  Howard Chu wrote:
> > The problem you're seeing indicates that the core schema didn't get
> >  loaded. Your cn=config database ought to have an entry
> > cn={0}core,cn=schema,cn=config,

>  Indeed this entry didn't exist but the attribute types were present
>  in the subschema subentry! I've checked that.

>  (web2ldap displayed the appropriate links directly into the schema
>  viewer for each attribute type in the modifyform if the attribute
>  type definition *is* present in the subschema subentry. Therefore I
>  did not suspect the schema not to be properly loaded.)

That's strange. If the subschema subentry had the definitions, then you 
should not have seen the Invalid Syntax error message. Are you sure the 
"dc" attribute was really present in the subschema?

> > The next problem you'll run into is that the database actually
> > needs to also have the olcDatabaseConfig objectclass.

>  Ok, it works.

> > This is not reflected in the doc examples, I know. I'll either
> > change the doc to indicate this, or change the code to insert the
> > missing objectclasses, haven't decided which yet.

>  From the LDAPv3 perspective I'd recommend the latter.

There wasn't time to fix the code for now. Since the doc is now updated, 
I guess the code will wait for 2.3.5.
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