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Re: (ITS#3613) globbing support for slapd config's include statement

thorild@Update.UU.SE wrote:

>hyc@symas.com writes:
> > I am inclined to reject this patch regardless of any reworking. One of 
> > the key points a lot of people seem to miss is that schema files have a 
> > specific dependency order; references must always be defined before they 
> > are used. [...]
>This dependency order should be simple to deduce automatically. Also
>it doesn't matter in which order schema files are read, as long as
>they are read in an order that satisfies all depedencies. (Right?)
Yes, they must be read in an order that satisfies all dependencies. 
Determining that order automatically would require reading all of them 
in advance to determine the dependency order. That's now how things work 
right now.

>It would be a useful feature to be able to just drop your new schema
>files in a directory, reload the configuration and then it just works,
>as long as the dependencies between the schema files can be
>satisfied. Why leave this sorting to the administrator if it can be
>done automatically? Is there any reason that you would want to have
>your schema files loaded in a specific order, other than because of
It would be even simpler if the administrator just added them one by 
one, in the correct order, and the given order was preserved. This is 
how 2.3 works. Also with 2.3 you don't need to restart the server to 
reload the configuration, you can just ldapadd schema on the fly. In 
this case, using include files for schema is irrelevant, and so again 
there's no point in adding a sort function to support an include 
mechanism that is no longer useful.

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