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Re: (ITS#3267) more modrdn problems

ccontavalli@commedia.it wrote:

>  here's what I think to be the problem:
>- ldap_modrdn2 does not change the e_id of an entry
>- slapcat walks the database using c_get and the normal
>  cursors. The record are thus dumped either in the order
>  they were inserted or in the e_id order. This means
>  that if a record has been moved under a different parent,
>  it could be printed before the parent is dumped. 
>- slapadd, when the above condition occurs, does not have
>  the parent into the database, and the record is not
>  inserted.
>Hope this helps in solving the problem. It is quite easy
>to reproduce right now. Just create a dumb db, move a record
>under a different parent, and slapcat the db.
Thanks, this is now fixed in HEAD.

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