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Re: (ITS#3628) overlay to expand url during search

> OK, I'm about to release it.  There might be room for further development,
> especially in the area of the compare, which could benefit from
> short-circuiting it into the response callback of the inner search.

It's now in HEAD.  There is yet need for some work on compare.  In fact,
compare was designed to work on the results of an underlying search with
expansion.  This causes two orders of problems:
1) it's inefficient, because the search needs to complete before compare
can take place, but compare could end as soon as a positive match occurs;
2) it doesn't work when the overlay is stacked on top of the frontend (the
search works fine, fortunately).
The main reason compare was placed on top of a search was to reuse most of
the code; I'll have to rework that a bit, but I think it can be done
without adding excessive duplication.


Pierangelo Masarati

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