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Re: (ITS#3628) overlay to expand url during search

> Sounds like you have a more thorough version of the dyngroup overlay. It
> would make sense to merge or replace that, if you can. I started writing
> a search expander for the dyngroup overlay but never finished, if you
> have something working already I won't bother...

OK, I'm about to release it.  There might be room for further development,
especially in the area of the compare, which could benefit from
short-circuiting it into the response callback of the inner search.

Note that the dynamic group expansion is rather a side effect of this
overlay, so, despite implementing the feature, it might not be optimal. 
At the moment it's called "dynlist", and its suggested usage is based on
"groupOfURLs" and "memberURL" as defined in "dyngroup.schema".  I'd commit
it to server/slapd/overlays with the current name; eventually, if we merge
it into the dyngroup it can take that name, or live of its own.


Pierangelo Masarati

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