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Re: (ITS#3609) ch_malloc of 8388608 bytes failed

No sooner had I configured <slapd.conf> as described below and then tested it 
exactly as before, did it crash again.  This time I ran

thread apply all bt full

but apparently there was only one thread running.  As before, I put all this 
onto my web site at


Any suggestions you can make as to different values for these parameters or 
other parameters, please let me know.  Also, I'd be willing to try a less 
memory-hungry backend if you think that'll help.

On 3/30/2005 4:53 PM, Bob Smith wrote:
> Thanks -- I'll look at the parameters.  I share the box running slapd 
> with others, so I don't have much control over how much memory I get to 
> use.
> I'll try running with
> cachesize 100
> idlcachesize 0
> searchstack 4
> On 3/30/2005 4:16 PM, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> Bob,
>> I suggest you keep posting to the ITS, so we can keep track of the 
>> evolution of your problem.
>> At a first glance, you're running out of memory; slapd with back-bdb 
>> can be very demanding and, based on the number of threads and on the 
>> sizing of various caching parameters, you may need either to put more 
>> ram in your server, or reduce some settings.  We'll need to dig a bit 
>> further in the configuration parameters, and do some tunings by trial 
>> and error.  I suggest you try playing with some of the fancy 
>> parameters described in slapd-bdb(5), like cachesize, idlcachesize, 
>> searchstack and so.

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