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Re: (ITS#3609) ch_malloc of 8388608 bytes failed

Thanks -- I'll look at the parameters.  I share the box running slapd with 
others, so I don't have much control over how much memory I get to use.

I'll try running with

cachesize 100
idlcachesize 0
searchstack 4

On 3/30/2005 4:16 PM, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Bob,
> I suggest you keep posting to the ITS, so we can keep track of the 
> evolution of your problem.
> At a first glance, you're running out of memory; slapd with back-bdb can 
> be very demanding and, based on the number of threads and on the sizing 
> of various caching parameters, you may need either to put more ram in 
> your server, or reduce some settings.  We'll need to dig a bit further 
> in the configuration parameters, and do some tunings by trial and 
> error.  I suggest you try playing with some of the fancy parameters 
> described in slapd-bdb(5), like cachesize, idlcachesize, searchstack and 
> so.

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