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RE: (ITS#3564) Programatic Insert Scaleability Problem

>You're forgetting that an LDAP server is optimized for many reads and 
>few writes. If your application profile doesn't fit this description, 
>then you should probably use something else. Most installations that 
>load large databases do so offline.

There is a difference between being optimized, and just not working.  I expect to pay a performance penalty for using ldap when I am doing a load of the data.  Our applications are almost always reads once things are up and going... However, I still have to be able to actually put the data into the ldap server at the beginning.  And since the data I have is not in the ldif format, I can't bulk load it.    

I even went so far as to load my data into the old Netscape DS server (which worked just fine) and then doing a ldif dump from that, to try to load into openLdap - but something was off with the resulting ldif that openLdap didn't like... I haven't investigated that any further yet.

>debug level 0 should only be logging serious errors. Something doesn't 
>sound right here.

My mistake, I was thinking level 1.  I'll rerun with level 0.