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RE: (ITS#3564) Programatic Insert Scaleability Problem

At 10:13 AM 3/16/2005, Armbrust.Daniel@mayo.edu wrote:
>>Bulk loading of a running server is not specifically addressed in any 
>>current releases.
>So how exactly is one supposed to put things into an ldap database if you can't load a running server?
>I certainly shouldn't have to manually convert my data to ldif to be able to load it. 

In the OpenLDAP developer community, "bulk loading" implies use
of slapadd(1).  slapadd(1) is not intended to used with the
server is running, or more precisely, slapadd(1) assumes
and requires exclusive access to the underlying DB.

If you want to load a bulk of entries while the server is
running, you must use an LDAP client such as ldapadd(1).
While ldapadd(1) expects input to be LDIF, there certainly
are clients which expect input in other formats.