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Re: (ITS#3461) slaptest fails if db needs creation

Aaron Richton wrote:

>bash-2.05# rm -f /var/openldap-data/*/*db* /var/openldap-logs/*/log*
>bash-2.05# slaptest
>slap_startup failed
>bash-2.05# rm -f /var/openldap-data/*/*db* /var/openldap-logs/*/log*
>bash-2.05# slaptest -u
>config file testing succeeded
>looks good.
>"slap_startup failed" perhaps should say "slap_startup failed -- try -u switch?"
>I'm just envisioning installing some big upgrade at 6AM and wondering
>where the nonexistent syntax bug is...
In principle, if it gets there the test passed, only slap_startup() 
fails, whatever the reason.  Retrying with -u will surely succeed, 
because slap_startup() wouldn't be invoked at all.  I changed the 
message to state so:

[masarati@ando tests]$ ../servers/slapd/slaptest -f testrun/slapd.1.conf
slap_startup failed (test would succeed using the -u switch)
[masarati@ando tests]$ ../servers/slapd/slaptest -f testrun/slapd.1.conf -u
config file testing succeeded


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