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Re: Re: (ITS#3465) character escaping in strings

At 06:21 AM 1/8/2005, jgra@vp.pl wrote:
>Any way RFC doesn't forbids escaping this characters in attributes values, right ?

Most value syntaxes don't have any escaping mechanism, so no
For instance, the common name value (as an LDIF fragment)
        cn: test "test"
is a sequence of 11 characters.  Where as
        cn: test \"test\"
is 13 characters, as '\' characters are not special to the
directory string syntax.  That is, the '\' here are part of
the value.

If you want to name entry with the former (11 character)
value, the RDN string would be <cn=test \22test\22> as '"'
in the common name must be escaped in the RDN string as '"'
is special to the RDN string syntax (RFC 2253).  (Note I
used hex escaping option, one could have used the special
escaping option instead (or the BER option).)  Likewise, if
you want to name the entry with the latter (13 character)
value, the RDN string would be <cn=test \5c\22test\5c\22>
as both '"' and '\' are special to the RDN string syntax.

See Section 2 of RFC 2253.

This ITS will now be closed.