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Re: Re: (ITS#3465) character escaping in strings

ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>The value needs be normalized when used in the DN, not when used in the 
>entry.  I.e., your example would work as
>dn: ou=test "test",dc=example,dc=com
>objectclass: top
>objectclass: organizationalUnit
>ou: test "test"
>i.e. the value is <test "test">, and its representation, in a DN string 
>representation, is <test "test"> (angle brackets are not part of the 
>The software works as intended.

Thanks for reply.

So if I'm experiencing this error I must have broken client application, right ?

Lots of LDAP servers are able to handle this issue (for example SUN/Netscape directory, Novell directory, even AD) 
If I want to change this behavior in openldap what should I look for?
As far as I now the value of attribute is normalized in some way, but escaping chars arent removed from string. Maybe it's just a matter of some flag passed for normalization function?

Or maybe it is better to have standard compliant LDAP server, then working clients ;-)

Any way RFC doesn't forbids escaping this characters in attributes values, right ?
I might be wrong but this functionality is really helpfull.
So maybe this should be an  enhancement request?