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Re: ITS#3304: AD hang

I posted the debug output requested with an attachment however it was 
rejected on one of the lists due to being too big, so I put it up on a
website, the url for the debug output for the command

ldapsearch -H ldaps://phoenix.cems.umn.edu -x -b "dc=cems,dc=umn,dc=edu" 
-s "sub" -D "cn=nssldap,ou=Users,ou=IT Office,dc=cems,dc=umn,dc=edu" -w 
'$#**(MikeRocks)' "cn=mwt" -d -1 > debug_output.txt 2>&1

is located at  http://calamity.cems.umn.edu/~mwt/debug_output.txt.gz