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Re: ITS#3304: AD hang


Here's the debug output from the command, I've gzip'd it since it was 
7.3mb and attached it. I've left the password in the command in case 
you'd like to test against our active directory, it will be changed in a 
few days however.

ldapsearch -H ldaps://phoenix.cems.umn.edu -x -b "dc=cems,dc=umn,dc=edu" 
-s "sub" -D "cn=nssldap,ou=Users,ou=IT Office,dc=cems,dc=umn,dc=edu" -w 
'$#**(MikeRocks)' "cn=mwt" -d -1 > debug_output.txt 2>&1

>Output with -d -l would be useful.  (Be sure to redact embedded
>password -- or use a throw-away password).

[[Large attachment stripped]]