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Re: Memory and Handle Leak using bdb(ITS#3356)

I've committed a patch to CVS HEAD that partially addresses this issue. 
Please test.

Note that the entryinfo nodes are an essential part of mapping DNs to 
IDs. Only nodes without children can be safely freed, and only if 
they're not currently in use for navigating the DIT. As such, even with 
this patch a fair number of entryinfo's will remain allocated at all times.

Stephan Eckbauer wrote:

>I would like to work on it, do you have some hints where to start?
>Can someone explain me the way the cache is really working any why you
>need it?
>>This is the way the cache is designed. An older design tried
>>to free unused entryinfo's but that ran into complications
>>and didn't work very well. Perhaps we can revisit this aspect
>>later, but it's not a high priority at the moment.

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