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Re: Feature Request: Allow separate location of dn2id and id2entry (ITS#3377)

Xiao Xin wrote:

>  I have programed some applications with bdb, I know how to use it,
>thank you for your notice. And I can tell you, we are testing the
>SunOne LDAP server and OpenLDAP, we dump 10,000,000 entries into both
>of them, use the same server, but different OS. SunOne on
>RedHat9(without any tuning) and OpenLDAP on FreeBSD 5-stable(better
>thread system, and tuning it). SunOne LDAP faster than OpenLDAP in
>some aspects but not too more. And the OpenLDAP with 10 million
>entries is too unstable. if we browse it too much, the slapd will
>malloc huge memory and killed by OS at last. We have defined one
>process can use 2GB memory, and slapd need more! Because we still not
>debug it so we have not send a its to you, but I want to ask you
>first, does it work like that? Have you test it with 10 million
>entries? Maybe you will tell me separate it to 3-4 LDAP server, But we
>have 50 million entries to store. We don't have 20+20 servers to run
>it. If we can't solve the unstable problem, I think SunOne is better.
Since the substance of your message is unrelated to the original topic, 
I suggest you file a new ITS if you want that issue investigated. I know 
of some people using 20 million entries with no problem, though I have 
not tested that personally.

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