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another followup to #ITS3304/#ITS3307 (FIXED, possibly?)


I've never hacked around the OpenLDAP sources before, so forgive me if I've applied an uneducated fix, but after reading the diff between openldap 2.1.28 (working) and 2.1.29 (unworking) I went through and found the problem that was causing the referral hanging problem.

This is with OpenLDAP 2.1.30

Here's the segment of code (lines 805-807)

                   if ( lc != NULL ) {
                               ldap_free_connection( ld, lc, 0, 1 );
                               *lcp = NULL;

removing (or commenting out) the *lcp = NULL; statement on line 807 resolves this problem. The searches now chase referrals correctly
and the search terminates instead of hangs. Like I said before, I'm fairly uneducated when it comes to the OpenLDAP code, I do not know if this fix introduces and other problems, but I thought since there was no progess (or stalled progress) on this bug, I'd investigate this myself.