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Re: another followup to #ITS3304/#ITS3307 (FIXED, possibly?)

Well, in my haste, i forgot to say which file I changed, oops.

This fix was applied to libraries/libldap/result.c



I've never hacked around the OpenLDAP sources before, so forgive me if I've applied an uneducated fix, but after reading the diff between openldap 2.1.28 (working) and 2.1.29 (unworking) I went through and found the problem that was causing the referral hanging problem.

This is with OpenLDAP 2.1.30

Here's the segment of code (lines 805-807)

                   if ( lc != NULL ) {
                               ldap_free_connection( ld, lc, 0, 1 );
                               *lcp = NULL;

removing (or commenting out) the *lcp = NULL; statement on line 807 resolves this problem. The searches now chase referrals correctly
and the search terminates instead of hangs. Like I said before, I'm fairly uneducated when it comes to the OpenLDAP code, I do not know if this fix introduces and other problems, but I thought since there was no progess (or stalled progress) on this bug, I'd investigate this myself.