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Re: Documentation about finding correct BerkeleyDB version (ITS#3375)

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Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

I still think, that documentation about setting these environment
variables in this BDB mismatch situation should be updated.

This has really not to do with OpenLDAP software, but rather on having an
environment set up properly, which is desirable when compiling/using any
Well, you are probably right. For at least a year I haven't had need to set environments, as Linux distros have been well enough set. Configurations have found correct libraries without specific environment settings. This has led me to believe that these days it is common status with all current date open source software. But well - it's always better to know, than to believe.
    Also have to agree, that in this case, I have trusted too much on Slackware, which has always been a good distro. As it was clear in this case, that without setting these environment vars, it brought a mixed case to compilation.

And regarding this subject, from common point of view, I always say to collegues to keep their environment settings uptodate. But still in present days "autoconf" world, we should not need to set them up anymore.

Specially I agree, because Kurt stated, that misleading error message has already been fixed in current REL 2.2. Error message very clearly stated, that it expected version 3.3.11 of BDB, while it found 4.2.52 version. But message should have said (and what it really ment), that your header is from version 4.2.52, and your library is from version 3.3.11. As that fix comes to production versions, this problem is not so relevant anymore.