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Re: SEGV on syncRepl provider (ITS#3296)

Please consider trying the 2.2.18 release which contains a patch for this
Best regards,
- Jong

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From: <richton@nbcs.rutgers.edu>
To: <openldap-its@OpenLDAP.org>
Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2004 7:22 PM
Subject: Re: SEGV on syncRepl provider (ITS#3296)

> On 22 Sep 2004 I had the chance to upgrade my production servers to 2.2.17
> after experimenting with it in my testbed for a while. Both testbed and
> production have been largely reliable, so I'm willing to declare this
> closed unless:
> (a) 'duplicated' above means this is affecting more than just me, in which
> case I volunteer to try poking 2.2.17 harder (but as noted in Followup 9,
> slapd is a LOT harder to crash as of late)
> (b) my one 2.2.17 issue concerns any of the developers:
> I wanted to modify an ACL on the master, so I edited slapd.conf and kill
> -INT slapd. However, slapd SEGVd on shutdown. The curious part about the
> stack trace was the apparent "deep" recursion:
> # pstack core.slapd.22878 | grep avl_free | wc -l
>       20
> Once this unclean shutdown occurred, I was back in a very similar state,
> with the provider SEGVing often. The "solution" was to clear out the
> _slaves_ (ie, syncRepl to an empty slave database); since then things have
> gone well.
> Apart from that, I'd say close this out. If the new issue is particularly
> interesting, let me know, we'll either follow through here or in a new ITS
> as appropriate?