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Re: ldapadd rejects zero-length attribute value in ldif (ITS#3363)

Ok, I made a test with the ldapadd from a 2.2.17 but with an openldap 2.2.11 as
a directory. The same behavior.

This is what looks strange :
   the ldif rfc says you can have a zero-length value in an ldif file
   the ldap rfc says you can have a zero-length value in a search response
   the ldap rfc says you can't have a zero-length value in a directory

So if you say that the ldapadd tool must send zero-length values to the
directory, there is a strange situation :
   you export a search which return a zero-length value to a ldif file
   => ok
   you import this ldif in the directory
   => problem

You must pre-process the ldif to remove zero-length values if you want to import it.

Do you think this is normal ?

Well, of course if you say "yes", there is no problem at all :-)))


Selon "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org>:

>>> At 12:35 AM 10/11/2004, vchevalier@linagora.com wrote:
>>> >Full_Name: Victor CHEVALIER
>>> >Version: 2.2.11
>>> You should consider upgrading to (at least) the latest
>>> stable release.  Reports with prior versions will not
>>> generally be investigated.
>>> >So, I think that ldapadd should only ignore these zero-length values,
>>> shouldn't it ?
>>> No.  ldapadd should pass a zero-length value to the server
>>> (as it apparently did here).  The server will verify the value
>>> conforms to the required syntax and, if it doesn't, return an
>>> appropriate error such as invalidSyntax (as it apparently
>>> did here).  That is, the behavior you describe appears to
>>> be correct and intended.
>>> Kurt