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Re: ldapadd rejects zero-length attribute value in ldif (ITS#3363)

At 12:35 AM 10/11/2004, vchevalier@linagora.com wrote:
>Full_Name: Victor CHEVALIER
>Version: 2.2.11

You should consider upgrading to (at least) the latest
stable release.  Reports with prior versions will not
generally be investigated.

>So, I think that ldapadd should only ignore these zero-length values, shouldn't it ?

No.  ldapadd should pass a zero-length value to the server
(as it apparently did here).  The server will verify the value
conforms to the required syntax and, if it doesn't, return an
appropriate error such as invalidSyntax (as it apparently
did here).  That is, the behavior you describe appears to
be correct and intended.