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Re: more modrdn problems (ITS#3267)

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 08:58:15AM +0200, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> >Error, entries missing!
> > entry 1041: account=xxxx,cn=yyyy,cn=cleaner,dc=zzzz,dc=zz
> > entry 1052: account=xxxx,cn=yyyy,cn=cleaner,dc=zzzz,dc=zz
> >[...]
> Do you see the same problem with bdb?
All nodes under cn=cleaner,... are non-leaf nodes whose dn
has been changed from ...,cn=domains,dc=zzzz,dc=zz to
...,cn=domains,dc=zzzz,dc=zz using modrdn. 
  bdb just doesn't allow this, returning something like 
`not allowed on non-leaf nodes'. I have no idea if this
problem shows also on bdb moving around non-leaf nodes, 
but cannot use the application I was talking about. 
  I'd have to produce a small test case. If it's important 
to you, I'll try to do whatever I can...  if you need 
particular tests or gdb traces, just ask for them :)
  Note also that this error is unrelated to the crash
I had. At any time, whenever I dump the db and slapadd
it on another installation, I get the same errors.


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