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Re: more modrdn problems (ITS#3267)

ccontavalli@commedia.it wrote:

>Ok, the application we are using relies on the openldap hdb backend,
>and moves non-leaf branches under a different dn. The follwing output
>is generated by slapcat >file.ldiff, slapadd -c < file.ldiff, which 
>is run to generate a brand new db starting from a ldiff generated from
>one of the slaves (ok, master crashed, db unrecoverable, removed db,
>slapcat the db on one of the slaves kept in sync with slurpd, slapadd
>the dump on the master). There's obviously something wrong...
>slapadd: could not add entry
>dn="cn=xxxx,cn=yyyyyyy.it,cn=cleaner,dc=zzzzz,dc=zzz" (line=83335): txn_aborted!
>DB_KEYEXIST: Key/data pair already exists (-30996)
>slapadd: could not add entry dn="cn=xdsx,cn=yyyydsy,cn=cleaner,dc=zzzzz,dc=zzz"
>(line=146410): txn_aborted!
>All the dn under cn=cleaner are here since they were moved here
>(with modrdn, if I don't remember wrong) by the application. How come
>I have duplicates in the slapcat output? How is this possible?
>Additionally, I had the following errors, which I believe are related
>to modrdn not checking the existance of parent node (and to the application
>being broken - a bug I've already seen in the ITS):
>Error, entries missing!
>  entry 1041: account=xxxx,cn=yyyy,cn=cleaner,dc=zzzz,dc=zz
>  entry 1052: account=xxxx,cn=yyyy,cn=cleaner,dc=zzzz,dc=zz
Do you see the same problem with bdb?


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