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Re: back-meta hangs (ITS#3058)

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

>It is true; that's why I suggested you to try back-ldap.  Whether it will
>do "dynamic failover" or not it's a different issue...

 From slapd-ldap manpage:

--- CUT HERE ---
       uri <ldapurl>
              LDAP server to use.  Multiple URIs can be set  in  in  a  
              ldapurl  argument, resulting in the underlying library 
              cally call the first server of the list that responds, e.g.

              uri "ldap://host/ ldap://backup-host";

              The URI list is space- or comma-separated.
--- CUT HERE ---

So it seems that it does dynamic failover. I'll try it out as soon as I 
have some time.

>Note that multiple URIs in one directive, for back-meta, are separated by
>tabs ('\t'), while for back-ldap they're separated by spaces or commas;
>back-meta differs, because it requires the naming context, and naming
>contexts can contain spaces and usually do contain commas, and we don't
>want the URI directive to be URL-escaped! (although it should...)
Thanks, I've noticed that in the docs!

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