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Re: back-meta hangs (ITS#3058)

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> why don't you just use back-ldap? back-meta is worth the effort
> only if you need multiple targets;

I need it specifically for multiple targets so I have dynamic failover.
There's no point for me if it doesn't work.

However, I can see in slapd-ldap manpage that I can specify multiple 
targets in uri, just as in slapd-meta, but is it true or is it just 
documentation fragment copy/pasted from slapd-meta?

I need to be sure that it will work because I can only reproduce the 
problem on a production system, and haven't been able to reproduce it 
with artificial load...

Best Regards,
    Aleksander Adamowski
        GG#: 274614
        ICQ UIN: 19780575