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Re: back-meta hangs (ITS#3058)

>        uri <ldapurl>
>               LDAP server to use.  Multiple URIs can be set  in  in  a
> single
>               ldapurl  argument, resulting in the underlying library
> automati-
>               cally call the first server of the list that responds, e.g.
>               uri "ldap://host/ ldap://backup-host";
>               The URI list is space- or comma-separated.
> --- CUT HERE ---
> So it seems that it does dynamic failover. I'll try it out as soon as I
> have some time.

I remember that sentence (I might have written it myself); the point is
that the  mechanism, AFAIR, is quite gross, in that the failover occurs
when the connection is first initialized; since back-ldap (I don't recall
back-meta) pools connections, if the failure occurs and there's no
connection re-init, you're stuck.  I should re-read thru the code to see
exactly when this is likely to occur, but in any case this is not
something I would rely that much on.


Pierangelo Masarati

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