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RE: slapd segfaults on SuSe SLES 8.0(powered by UnitedLinux 3.0) (ITS#3175)

Hi Kurt,

Finally got it up and running!..I wanted to thank you for taking the
trouble to spend time and help me with this..You were right-there was a
problem with the Berkley DB runtime configuration..

SuSE 8.0 SLES packs a boatload of packages which all get installed in
the default install scheme..These packages are sometimes old and
obsolete..uninstalling them is a pain because you run into dependency
hell-esp with packages like db4 which is used by a ton of packages..

I found two ways of solving this problem..When installing SuSe itself we
choose a minimal set of packages.this is after all an ENTERPRISE server
platform,I don't need OpenOffice and a ton of KDE/GNOME
packages:-))..this way we have a clean base system over which we can
build and install our own packages..

The other option involves messing around with ldconfig..this could be
tricky sometimes for ex in situations where another application is using
the older version of the shared libs..

Anyway,I was able to get openldap 2.1.22 up and running along with
Berkley db4.1.25..Would you recommend we add this information to the
FAQ-O-Matic in case some other newbie faces the same problem?Can I add
this to the FAQ anonymously??is it open to the public?

Once again,Thank you for your help..