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Re: Queries fail after canceling query when using subordinate back-sql db (ITS#2999)

Guenther Starnberger wrote:
> hmm.. it's none of the two cases you mentioned above, but a subordinate 
> database again. should i nevertheless file a new ITS?

OK, so my guess was right; you shouldn't need a new ITS,
although it's a different bug, because I think I found it.
It was a subtlety: in back-ldap, I was freeing the wrong
pointer, but this was harmless in usual back-ldap operation,
for many reasons (essentially it was not required any
longer after free, and the double free didn't occur because
that memory came from a memory pool so it was not really
freed).  However, when back-ldap is glued, sometimes that
pointer can temporarily be replaced by the database's
(normalized) suffix; so, after a successful search,
subsequent operation would find the database's suffix

Please check HEAD or REL_ENG_2_2 code.


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