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Re: Queries fail after canceling query when using subordinate back-sql db (ITS#2999)

gst@sysfrog.org wrote:
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> On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 08:54, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Hello Pierangelo,
>>The problem is fixed now in HEAD code;
>>I need to check if the fix doesn't break
>>anything else before bringing it to
>>release.  Please check.
> Wow, thanks for the really _fast_ fixing of this problem, back-ldbm +
> back-sql work fine now.
> I still got another similiar problem when using back-ldap together with
> a subordinate back-sql database. The difference is, that all subsequent
> queries fail, no matter if i cancel the ldapsearch or not.
> To reproduce this problem:
> *) Setup a remote ldap server with c=3DRU as Root and add one OU entry.
> *) Replace the ldbm section from the slapd.conf which i attached to this
> bugreport with:
> database       ldap
> uri            ldap://some.remote.server/
> suffix         "c=3DRU"

This suffix is not a superior to "o=sql,c=RU"; did you leave
the "subordinate" statement in the "database sql" block?
In case you didn't, there might be some issue related to
declaring a database as subordinate with no superior in the
database list; however, this is a misconfiguration case.
If you didn't use any "subordinate" statement, the problem
must be somewhere else, not in the "glue" stuff.

> *) Do a "ldapsearch -b "c=3DRU". The first query works fine, after this it
> just returns "search: 2, result: 32 No such object."
> If i comment out the back-sql stuff and only use the ldap database
> everything works fine.
> I haven't opened a new report, because i'm not sure if this problem is
> related to the previous one.

The picture is unclear until you confirm how the
sql database is configured; in any case, I think
this problem is unrelated, so if you confirm its
existence, please open a new ITS.  This can be
considered closed.

Thanks, p.

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