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Re: syncRepl fails to replicate new trees (ITS#2948)

I am still having a bad luck of reproducing the case in my test environment.
I performed a test of a similar test (adding a subtree) but it worked well without showing
the behavior you described. Will continue to look at this issue and let you know if I find
sth interesting.
- Jong

PS) The error code 0x42 in the log file does not affect the syncrepl operation.
       I will suppress the logging of that error code in the callback routine.

> It has gone from a point of where it partially worked in 2.2.5 to a point
> where I get no updates propagating in 2.2.6.  I don't see anything
> spectacular about my configuration, I know that the syncrepl connection is
> being made between the provider and replica, and that the replica has full
> read on the master.  That tends to indicate to me that it isn't functional.