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Re: syncRepl fails to replicate new trees (ITS#2948)

--On Friday, March 05, 2004 10:15 AM -0500 Jong <jongchoi@OpenLDAP.org> 

> I am still having a bad luck of reproducing the case in my test
> environment. I performed a test of a similar test (adding a subtree) but
> it worked well without showing the behavior you described. Will continue
> to look at this issue and let you know if I find sth interesting.
> - Jong
> PS) The error code 0x42 in the log file does not affect the syncrepl
> operation.        I will suppress the logging of that error code in the
> callback routine.

Hi Jong,

One quick question -- Is your replica up or down when you add the subtree? 
We stop our servers nightly, so my intent is to confirm that the replica's 
will get changes that occur while they are down and the master is up.

So right now, I load the master, I load the replica, I bring the master up, 
I add the subtree, and then I bring the replica up.  At that point, the 
replica never gets the subtree.


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