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Re: DB corruption master while using syncRepl (ITS#2911)

> I found that when you are using syncRepl, if you do the following:
> Start the master and make changes
> Start the replica (causes a full DB dump)
> and then make changes while the replica is doing the full DB dump, you can end
> up with a corrupted BDB database.  This happened with just a single replica,

When was the BDB database corruption observed ?
- wondering whether the corruption observed during or after the changes.
And, which are the types of changes made to the provider content ?

> which concerns me even more about our production environment which has nine
> replica's.

The full DB dump occurs at the time when the replica performs the initial
synchronization of the content. In order to further reduce the synchronizatino traffic,
the sessionlog can be set up to maintain a finite amount of history. If the replica state
covered by the sessionlog, the delete mode is used instead of the present mode.

- Jong