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Re: slappasswd compiles but fails to work without --enable-crypt (ITS#2906)

Changes to resolve the initial issue have been committed in HEAD.
Please test.

As the ITS system is not intended to be used for discussions
not directly related to the reported issue, while I have tried
to provide answers to your questions below, I ask that you
direct any follow-up questions you might have to an appropriate
mailing list.  (I should have done this before, apologies to
the ITS followers.)

At 08:17 PM 1/8/2004, cat@reptiles.org wrote:
>On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>> At 07:36 PM 1/8/2004, Cat Okita wrote:
>> >Was there a specific design reason for using curly brackets,
>> RFC 2307.
>I'm sorry - I should be clearer. My question is about the design
>decisions for slappasswd, not the ldap standard ;>
>I'm aware that the attribute descriptions require the presence of
>curly brackets, and think that it's grand to have the output of
>slappasswd in the correct format for inclusion as a userPassword
>Essentially I'm curious about the use of -h {CRYPT} rather than
>-h CRYPT, given that curly brackets have different reactions to
>different shells.

Use of -h {CRYPT} likely got used for historical reasons.
I don't recall -h CRYPT ever being considered.

>Beyond that, would submitting a patch to slappasswd to add the --help
>option, and modify the usage information that appears below to be more
>verbose be worthwhile?

While I can see expanding some of the usage statements and
some error messages, I see little reason to add support for
an option to provide more detailed help.  That's what man
pages are for.  But that's just my opinion... and that's
without seeing actual code.  The project will, as it always
does, consider every patch submitted.  What the response is,
well, depends largely on the patch.

>/usr/sbin/slappasswd --help
>/usr/sbin/slappasswd: invalid option -- -
>Usage: /usr/sbin/slappasswd [options]
>   -h hash       password scheme
>   -s secret     new password
>   -c format     crypt(3) salt format
>   -u            generate RFC2307 values (default)
>   -v            increase verbosity