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RE: Berkeley DB 4.2.50

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> Hello
> I upgraded to Berkeley DB 4.2.50 on a test machine, but I am having
> trouble with OpenLDAP. I just searched all the OpenLDAP lists for
> 4.2.50 but didn't find anything.
> Has anyone successfully built OpenLDAP with BDB 4.2.50?
> The build goes well, but the test004-modify fails with exit code 80.
> Funny thing that starting, populating and searching go well.

> This is not a formal bug report. I just wanted to know whether I am
> the first one to try this. I can downgrade back to BDB 4.1.25. I am
> not committed to the new version in any way.

I've just encountered this same problem. Strangely enough, there is no
problem using the prerelease BDB 4.2.42 that I was testing with before, so it
appears that this is a regression in Sleepycat's source. Still looking into

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