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ITS#2457 slurpd fails to start when directories resynced

I finally got around to building this test system under MSVC. The problem
turns out to be simple; the slurpd code tries to see if the directory
containing the replogfile exists. It does this by taking the string given for
replogfile, searching for the LDAP_DIRSEP character, and truncating the
string there to get the directory name. On Windows the LDAP_DIRSEP character
is backslash '\' and on Unix it's a forward slash '/'.

If the search for the LDAP_DIRSEP character fails, the entire string is used
in the access check. So, if your slapd.conf uses forward slashes to specify
the location of the replogfile, this check will fail because it's testing the
existence of the file when it only should be checking the existence of the

I'm pretty certain we put an entry in the FAQ that backslashes must be used
for all pathanmes on Windows. If not, we should add it.

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