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RE: Crash in LRU_DELETE (ITS#2759)

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> Full_Name: ocmer
> Version: 2.1.22
> OS: Linux 2.4.20-13.7smp
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> In ./servers/slapd/back-bdb/cache.c, the combination of the
> LRU_ADD call is listed 4 times.
> In bdb_cache_add_entry_rw and bdb_cache_update_entry, the
> calls are protected by
> locking both c_rwlock and lru_mutex.
> In bdb_cache_find_entry_ndn2id and bdb_cache_find_entry_id,
> the calls are
> protected by locking only the lru_mutex.
> After we locked the c_rwlock as wel in
> bdb_cache_find_entry_ndn2id for the
> LRU_DELETE and LRU_ADD calls, we run a test of 20 hours on 1
> CPU without any
> problems.

I have briefly tested this change and it appears OK. Oddly enough, I first
tested this identical change on May 19 and never committed it, because I was
unable to confirm that it fixed the problem. Given your report, I'll commit
this fix.

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