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RE: memory alignment errors (ITS#2760)

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> Full_Name: Aaron Richton
> Version: HEAD, 2.1.22
> OS: sparc64-solaris
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> When compiling under the Sun Studio compilers for Solaris
> 9/sparc64 (64 bit
> code), slapd dies with a SIGBUS. You can easily reproduce
> this with a run of
> test000 (see below, run under HEAD) eg:
> CC='/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc' CFLAGS='-xarch=v9' ./configure
> make depend;make;make test

> dbx stack trace from test000:
> t@3 (l@3) signal BUS (invalid address alignment) in ber_init2
> at line 307 in
> file "io.c"
>   307           ber->ber_tag = LBER_DEFAULT;

> =>[1] ber_init2(ber = 0xffffffff7cbff5bc, bv =
> 0xffffffff7cbfe568, options = 1),
> line 307 in "io.c"
>   [2] slap_send_search_entry(op = 0x100386bb0, rs =
> 0xffffffff7cbffae0), line
> 674 in "result.c"

Interesting. This bug affects 4 files in the tree - passwd.c, result.c,
str2filter.c, and back-bdb/search.c. It never appeared in my tests of 64bit
on Solaris, but I use gcc. Can you try this, as a test - in the above files,
replace all occurrences of "char berbuf[LBER_ELEMENT_SIZEOF]" with "int
berbuf[LBER_ELEMENT_SIZEOF]" and see if that changes things. This assumes
that "int" actually is aligned on a 64-bit boundary. If not, use some other
type that is.

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