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Re: Feature request: attribute searches return matching attribute (ITS#2431)

At 10:17 AM 4/10/2003, quanah@stanford.edu wrote:
>I believe Howard's answer is yes, this can be done, but I'm not clear 
>whether or not that is correct from your response. 

I'm not all that familiar with back-meta/ldap, so I differ
to Howard and others on whether that can be done.

However, I think its clear that this can be done in HEAD with
a post-operation plugin and, eventually, with virtual view

When these become more available/usable, I would not be surprised
to find the non-standard NAMEs be dropped from schema.  E.g.,
        ( NAME 'cn' SUP name )

When that is done, the problem becomes one of aliasing or "virtual
views".   Hence, I think ITS#2431 and ITS#2432 are really not
that different.