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Re: Feature request: attribute searches return matching attribute (ITS#2431)

--On Thursday, April 10, 2003 5:09 PM +0000 Kurt Zeilenga 
<openldap-its@OpenLDAP.org> wrote:

> It's unclear of whether you are asking for something different than
> ITS#2432 or asking for Matched Values (draft-ietf-ldapext-matchedval)
> support. As the former was separately requested and the latter is already
> supported, I see little reason to track this request.  If you are
> requesting something significantly different from ITS#2432 or Matched
> Values, I suggest you provide some clarification.  Otherwise, this issue
> will be closed.

Yes, this is different that 2432.  2432 is specifically for the purpose of 
having AUXILIARY objectClasses that do mapping of a fake attribute (say 
foo) to other attributes in the directory.  I think Howard's answer was 
sufficient for that.

For #2431, specifically what we are looking at, is attributes defined in 
the schema's distributed with OpenLDAP that have multiple names, i.e., gn 
and given name, cn and common name, etc.

What I was asking for, is that I can do something like the following:

ldapsearch uid=quanah cn
cn: Quanah Gibson-Mount

ldapsearch uid=quanah commonname
commonname: Quanah Gibson-Mount

This is not the behavior I see at this time.  Instead I see:

ldapsearch uid=quanah commonname
cn: Quanah Gibson-Mount

I believe Howard's answer is yes, this can be done, but I'm not clear 
whether or not that is correct from your response.


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