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Slurpd core dump on AIX

I experience a core dump when my slurpd is shutting down on an AIX platform.
Before I file a bug report I was wondering if anyone else has experienced

I run my LDAP environment across several OS's and several platforms.  AIX is
the only one where this problem occurs.  The core dump occurs just about
every time I shut the slurpd down and it always has the same call stack.

I have done several things in trying to diagnose this problem:
1. tested pthread_kill.
2. looked for memory leaks using purify on the slurpd process.
3. undefined HAVE_PTHREAD_KILL
and other little tricks.

My results:
1. pthread_kill works great in all my tests.
2. clean.
3. The process cored when it got to pthread_cond_broadcast()

Here is my call stack at the time of the core dump:
Segmentation fault in spin_lock_global_ppc_mp at 0xd0019428
0xd0019428 (spin_lock_global_ppc_mp+0x8) 90c40154        stw   r6,0x154(r4)
(dbx) where
spin_lock_global_ppc_mp() at 0xd0019428
pthread_kill(??, ??) at 0xd0014b48
ldap_pvt_thread_kill(0x102, 0x1e), line 154 in "thr_posix.c"
set_shutdown(0xf), line 141 in "fm.c"
_vp_sleep(??, ??) at 0xd0012908
_usched_dispatch(??, ??, ??) at 0xd0010fe8

Can anyone offer an insight?


Benjamin Harristhal
Technical Architect