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Re: SQL backend C source error (ITS#2309)

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>>File: ./servers/slapd/back-sql/init.c, line 34
>>The problem is this name doesn't exist. I believe the correct line should be:
>>bi.bi_init = sql_back_initialize;
> I guess this fix is correct; I never tried the module version.

Yeah, not even GNU CC would swallow it :-)

> This was fine with my compilers; however, there's no reason 
> not to accept this change, either.
> Applied to HEAD

Well, I'm not sure what standard of C allows for structures to be statically 
initialized. The construct "{ AAA, BBB }" is for static initialization of 
arrays. Now, if I wanted to extend C specification to allow for structs to be 
initialized statically, then that is what I's use or "( AAA, BBB )", but that 
resembles function call too much.

I suppose GNU CC allows that, just as it allows indented CPP directives (a 
common source of headaches when compiling with DEC CC and the first thing I 
cleanup in any source package). I would like not to be arrogant, demanding for 
"C correctness", but is there a standard? (Yes, *several* of them :-))

Thank you for being thoughtful of us who do not use C compilers with extended 
syntax and making the source more compliant.