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Re: segmentation fault during authentication

At 10:04 AM 2002-10-18, Greg Rowe wrote:
>I am new to openldap so I am writing to the list rather than
>submitting a bug report since I may be in error.
>I've discovered a way to make slapd seg fault.
>Using ldap_add() in a php4 script I made a userPassword attribute on a
>posixAccount object contain "{SSHA}clearTextPassword".  Now, when I
>attempt to bind using that object slapd seg faults.

Sounds like a bug in the version of slapd(8) you are using.

>The version of slapd is 2.0.23.

Before reporting the bug, you should confirm that the problem
exists in a current release version (2.0.27 or 2.1.7) of
OpenLDAP Software.  If you can repeat it, please provide
a stack back trace (gdb 'bt') from the core dump with the