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segmentation fault during authentication

I am new to openldap so I am writing to the list rather than
submitting a bug report since I may be in error.

I've discovered a way to make slapd seg fault.

Using ldap_add() in a php4 script I made a userPassword attribute on a
posixAccount object contain "{SSHA}clearTextPassword".  Now, when I
attempt to bind using that object slapd seg faults.  This occurs via
pam_ldap.so, and the ldap utilities ldapsearch, etc.

I am using Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 "woody" with all of the current
updates.  The version of slapd is 2.0.23.  I know that this isn't the
most current version and I was hoping someone could confirm this to be
a bug in newer versions of slapd.

The problem seems to be that I am telling slapd that the password is
an SSHA hash when it really isn't.


Greg Rowe
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