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RE: Use of internal OpenSSL function 'ssl3_send_alert()' causes build errors on WIN32 (ITS#1955)

I suggest you file a bug report @ OpenSSL.org saying this function is missing
from their DLL's .def file. The function in question is not static or
and the code works on Unix as well as Win32 using MinGW. In the meantime, you
can manually add the missing function to your .DEF file and rebuild your
OpenSSL DLLs. This ITS will be closed since it is not an OpenLDAP bug.

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> Subject: Use of internal OpenSSL function 'ssl3_send_alert()' causes
> build errors on WIN32 (ITS#1955)
> Full_Name: Kervin Pierre
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> I tried raising this issue once before.
> http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-devel/200205/msg00063.html
> ssl3_send_alert() is not exported by the OpenSSL libraries and
> thus causes a
> build error on WIN32.  But I think using an undocumented API in
> the security
> code is still and issue on other platforms.
> I am not very familar with the OpenSSL API, so excuse me if it's
> my mistake.
> --Kervin