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RE: POSIX dir browsing breaks MSVC build with TLS (ITS#1954)

After a quick glance, your suggested Win32 code will not work anyway since it
doesn't specify the directory path to scan for cert files. This code works on
Win32 using MinGW, which presumably supplies an opendir/readdir-style wrapper
for FindFirstFile. I suggest you write a patch for MSVC along those lines and
throw it into liblutil. The patch provided in this ITS is unusable.

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> Full_Name: Kervin Pierre
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> Submission from: (NULL) (
> libraries/libldap/tls.c in get_ca_list( char * bundle, char * dir
> ) function
> POSIX functions opendir, readdir, and closedir are not available on WIN32.
> findfirst, findnext, and findclose can be used as substitutes.
> Here's a preliminary and untested patch.  I'm sorry but I can't
> test it right
> now.