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Re: 2.1.1-BETA schema problems

Sounds like you are 2.0 .schema files with 2.1.  You need to
use the .schema files distributed with 2.1 as the content
has changed due to new system schema checking code.

At 08:33 PM 2002-04-25, Andrew Davison wrote:
>is it just me or is the core.schema file inconsistent? specifically 'sn' has a dependendancy on 'name' which is not defined. the later entry for 'name' has been commented out with a note saying it's been up moved up earlier in the file, but obviously has not. fixing that just showed up other errors.
>i only discovered this by running the old 2.0.23 'slapadd' program, the one in 2.1.1-BETA just says 'bad configuration file'.