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SLAPD for NT in 2.0.24 hangs (ITS#1764)

Full_Name: andrew davison
Version: 2.0.24
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

SLAPD for NT (testing Win2k) hangs when client1 is updating and client2
(unrelated program) connect/binds. If client3 (also unrelated program) connects
then client1 updating is resumed briefly and the next few updates go thru before
SLAPD hangs again. SLAPD is using no perceptible CPU resource while hanging so
looks like a mutex or sleep of some kind. The program client1 is unchanged and
has worked successfully with previous releases of Openldapv2 SLAPD. And
client2/client3 in this instance can be anything that connects to SLAPD.

Opening SLAPD.EXE with process explorer while hanging and closing the socket
handle that connects to client1 allows client1 to resume updating unabated until
someone else comes along!

Have tested client1 and same release of OenLDAP compiled (both) on Linux (RH7.2)
and it doesn not exhibit this problem.
It definitely seems to be SLAPD that is stuck and not client1 as the client2/3
can only affect SLAPD (presumably).

Also client1 can be compiled with either OpenLDAPv1 or OpenLDAPv2 and makes no