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Installing OpenLDAP 2.0.22 on OpenBSD 3.0 (ITS#1592)

Full_Name: Robert Claeson
Version: 2.0.22
OS: OpenBSD 3.0
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

When installing OpenLDAP 2.0.22 on OpenBSD 3.0, I had problems running the
tests. Finally, I found out the following two causes:

1. The test scripts send SIGHUP to slapd to terminate it. For some reason, this
has no effect with slapd on OpenBSD 3.0. The one thing I could get to work was
to modify all the scripts to send SIGKILL instead. No other signal seemed to
have any effect on slapd. I haven't investigated further whether there has been
some kind of change in semantics on OpenBSD 3.0. However, I've tested this on
three different OpenBSD 3.0 systems and they all behaved the same.

2. Configure detects that OpenBSD 3.0 is IPv6 capable and adds support for this
to slapd. Unfortunately, this causes slapd to *only* listen on the tcp6 port,
not on regular tcp. I verified this by starting slapd with -h ldap://,
which worked. I then added --disable-ipv6 to configure and recompiled.

Time has not permitted me to investigate these issues in detail, or to produce