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Re: Replication bug with modrdn changetype (ITS#1562)

Christoph Neumann wrote:
> Pierangelo,
> Sorry about the delay.  I was finally able to generate the backtrace and
> the log.  It looks like an assert is failing.  I attached the backtrace
> and what seemed like the relevant lines from the "-d -1" output.  If you
> need more from the output log, please let me know.
> With the slapd servers stopped, I copied the raw data files from the
> master to the slave.  I then started slapd on both servers and slurpd on
> the master.  I then ran my script which performs some modifications to an
> entry and then performs the modrdn.

Thanks for the logs; the same issue has been notified as ITS#1582;
apparently your master and slave differ at least in the acls, since
the problem occurs when checking for write permission during ADD,
and the ADD modify was improperly detected when performed by modrdn
(e.g. when changing the values of the attributes used in the modified 

The problem has already been fixed in HEAD; Kurt, maybe we'd better
fix it also in REL_ENG_2.


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